Quick Snip about me

I have been passionate about photography since a very young age and always loved life with a camera in my hand but in recent years I have geared myself more towards turning my passion into a career. I was always told that I wouldn't be successful in such a saturated market and should probably have a better plan than this. But once I decided to not listen to these people holding me back I have opened so many doors for myself.

Being provided the space to allow yourself to follow your dreams, be by a partner or yourself is so important. Because life is short and spending everyday doing something you hate just isn't worth it. But it takes an immense amount of hard work and dedication to yourself. Which I've deeply learned this past year.

Becoming a mom during a pandemic really put my life and how I feel about myself in perspective. I no longer tolerate people holding me back because if I allow people to do that to me, my daughter will too and we both deserve so much more than that.

So I suppose this is a PSA to put work into yourself and what you love to do first and then you'll be able to be there for the ones you love without sacrifice. I hope you read this and see it as your sign to do whats best for you and follow your passions